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Congratulations on taking the next step towards a healthier future. Your Wellness Review suggests that you have a Very High Level of concern in the categories of: Zinc, Total Minerals, Total Vitamins + Total Minerals, Liver/Gallbladder, Total Gastro-Intestinal.

Concern Key: Very High High Borderline Normal

Score Category Suggested Product
75 Vitamin A CarotoMax
125 B-Complex B-Complex
100 Vitamin C Sustained Release Vita-C
70 Total Vitamins Vita-Lea Gold
50 Iron Iron Plus C Complex
62.5 Calcium and Magnesium OsteoMatrix
23.08 Zinc Zinc Complex
20 Total Minerals Vita-Lea Gold
34.29 Total Vitamins + Total Minerals Vitalizer Gold
50 Liver/Gallbladder Liver DTX Complex
80 Colon Function Optiflora
Not Determined Digestion 1  
250 Digestion 2  
500 Gastric Imbalance  
45 Total Gastro-Intestinal Herb-Lax
66.67 Kidney/Bladder VitalMag
120 Adrenal Function Stress Relief Complex
N/A Female Gland
66.67 Male Gland Saw Palmetto Complex
600 Pancreas/Hypoglycemia  
80 Diabetic/Pre-Diabetic Glucose Regulation Complex
100 Basic Heart Health 1 CoQHeart
1000 Basic Heart Health 2  
83.33 Basic Heart Health 3  
166.67 Respiratory  
100 Thymus/Immune System NutriFeron
100 Yeast Optiflora
500 Protein  
N/A PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)
Body Mass Index (BMI):
0-18.5 Underweight, 18.6-24.9 Normal, 25-29.9 Overweight, 30+ Obese
Your BMI = 25.1 (Overweight )
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  • OsteoMatrix
  • Vitalizer Gold
  • Liver DTX Complex
  • Herb-Lax
  • VitalMag
  • Saw Palmetto Complex
  • Glucose Regulation Complex
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